Is anybody out there?

Until I learn Thai, I’m going to have to rely on others to help me make contact with the orphanage.  Someone who also speaks English…

At this stage I’m writing to anyone I can find that has any association at all with the orphanage.  I found one man who intercepts and translates emails to the Foundation, another man who uploaded photographs of the orphanage in order to raise awareness, and a woman who had spent some time working there as a volunteer. No one has responded: the sting of silent rejection is setting in. Ouch.

And yet I don’t blame them for not responding. If I were in their position I might not respond either. My appeal to help, from far away, for no obvious reason, does indeed sound suspect. Like a Nigerian prince just looking to set up a ‘mutually beneficial relationship,’ perhaps my good intentions have garnered the reputation of an Internet scam.

Helping out has never been so difficult.

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