The Orphanage

Nestled in the small Northeastern town  of Yasothon, Thailand is a small orphanage doing some extraordinary things. The Suthasinee Noi-in Orphanage (or ‘Home Hug Orphanage’) is caring for over 80 children, from new borns to young adults, who have had the misfortune of contracting HIV at a young age.

The orphanage’s founder, Ms. Suthasinee Noi-in, has made it her life’s work to see that children such as these receive as much care and attention as resources allow. Despite fighting cancer for many years, she has tirelessly devoted her time and energy to seeing that these children get the best quality of life possible.

Ms. Suthasinee Noi-in looking after two of the many children under her care

Thailand, unlike the US, does not have considerable funding for social programing of this nature so the orphanage has relied upon numerous donations and the generous contributions of volunteer staff in order to maintain its operations. Since late 2011, when Thailand suffered the worst flooding in over half a century, the orphanage has been under even greater need for financial support. Please consider helping this worthy cause through your participation in The Hope Collage.

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