Join the Collage!

Make a donation to children in need and send a picture with your message of hope! Your donation, along with your picture, will be delivered by hand to the orphanage in 2012. Your picture will join others in spreading a simple, yet powerful, message: “although you’ve been dealt a difficult life, you were born into a loving world where those that have not even met you are willing to reach out and help you”

Make a big difference in three easy steps:

1) Provide a secure donation to the orphanage via the PAYSBUY link to the right (for more information visit the Donation FAQ section)

2) Submit a photo of yourself or your friends holding a sign of hope to (for more information visit the Photo FAQ section)

3) Spread the word by ‘liking’ our Facebook page (to the right) and writing a wall post to your friends encouraging them to join

This is an opportunity to matter to someone else in a very specific, direct and important way because you’ll be providing the most important gift of all: hope. Please join us in reaching out and lifting up the life of another!

If you have any questions, please contact

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