A MILLION Reasons to Join the Collage

I am thrilled to announce that we have officially surpassed the ONE MILLION baht mark in our fundraising efforts – this means that over $36,000 USD will go to support young lives at the orphanage this year!

It absolutely warms my heart to see all the incredible support for this project but I know there are still a number of outstanding people who have heard about The Hope Collage and thought “what an great cause, I’d love to be a part of that at some point…”

…Well *NOW* is the time – because you only have till midnight on December 9th to submit your photo to be a part of the collage!

To these children, every face matters and every voice matters – so, in this last week, I ask you to please participate if you haven’t done so already!

Join donors from all across the United States, Great Britain, India, Australia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Jordan, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Singapore and help me send the message that – no matter how far away they may be – this world is full of people who care.

Your Face Here

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