Great progress to report

Fundraising for the orphanage is in full swing between the combined efforts of The Hope Collage and our partner Charity Trek so I wanted to take the opportunity to update all our followers on the progress we’ve made to date. So far we have donations in the equivalent of over $5,600 in US dollars, and have many more pledges yet to receive! I’m proud to say that the support has come from all across the globe, including:

– Multiple cites and states within the United States including California, Oregon, Hawaii

– India

– Thailand

– United Kingdom

– Singapore

– Hong Kong

– Jordan

If you have already made a donation but not yet sent in your photo for the collage be sure not to forget – it’s important that we add your face to the movement. And if you have not yet contributed please consider doing so – you can help us build an even greater community of support!

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